Breast Cancer Stage 3 Her2 Positive

The chances of survival also depend on your age and general health. Between 15 and 25 out of every 100 women with breast cancer 1525 have HER2 positive cancers.

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Hi I was diagnosed 13th Feb 2015 8 weeks before my wedding 33 years old her2 positive grade 3 stage 2 43cm tumor 2 lymph nodes involved.

Breast cancer stage 3 her2 positive. Starting with neoadjuvant therapy Most often these cancers are treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy before surgery. A cure or remission will depend on treatment and how well the cancer responds to treatment. When there are higher levels of the HER2 protein in a breast cancer it is called HER2 positive breast cancer.

It has possibly gone to lymph nodes and muscle but hasnt spread to nearby organs. The standard of care to treat curable HER2-positive breast cancer has been to give chemotherapy with the HER2-targeted monoclonal antibody trastuzumab which was the first drug approved for HER2-positive disease. Primary results from BETH a phase 3 controlled study of adjuvant chemotherapy and trastuzumab bevacizumab in patients with HER2-positive node-positive or high risk node-negative breast cancer San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium San Antonio TX 2013 p.

HER2-positive breast cancer is more aggressive and more likely to recur or return than HER2-negative breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy chemo full armpit lymph node clearance mastectomy and 12 months of herceptin. I was diagnosed with stage 3 Her 2 positive Breast cancer.

I had Breast cancer when I was 40 with a mastectomy and reconstruction and 15 years of tamoxifen no chemo then just radiotherapy. An early-stage HER2-positive HER2 breast cancer is always a shock but todays treatment options should give you hope. There are two main approaches to treating stage III breast cancer.

HER2-Positive Breast Cancer In about 20 of breast cancers the cells make too much of a protein known as HER2. If the IHC result is 3 the cancer is HER2-positive. Her2 positive stage 3.

I was 67 when diagnosed this time in my lymph node I had 23 out of 25 positive nodes. Positive Topline Survival Data Observed in Phase 3 Trial of SYD985 for HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer 18FDG-PET May Identify Patients With HER2-Positive Early Breast Cancer Benefiting from Chemo-Free HER2 Blockade. I had the usual treatment fec t taxotol and 16 radiotherapy.

HER2-positive breast cancer tends to grow faster spread more easily and be more likely to come back than HER2-negative breast cancer. These cancers tend to be aggressive and fast-growing. These cancers are usually treated with drugs that target HER2.

The higher the level of HER2 the more likely the cell is to grow and divide. For HER2-positive tumors the targeted drug trastuzumab Herceptin is given as well sometimes along with pertuzumab Perjeta. If the IHC result is 2 the HER2 status of the tumor is not clear and is called equivocal This means that the HER2 status needs to be tested with FISH to clarify the result.

Over the past 2 decades advances in medicine have brought us new. The first thing to know is that stage 3 breast cancer means the cancer has spread beyond the tumor. Symptoms of HER2-positive breast cancer are the same as.

Recurrence can happen anytime but. In the United States one commonly used regimen is ACTH doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide for four cycles followed by a taxane with trastuzumab given. The fact that the cancer is positive.

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