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Stage for a recurrent tumor in an individual that had some period of time free from the disease. Media in category SVG breast cancer stages The following 39 files are in this category out of 39 total.

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Stage II- early-stage breast cancer at an early stage in which is less than 2 inches thick the tumor and spread into the lymph nodes under the arm.

Breast cancer staging wiki. Stage II The tumor is present in the breast and axillary armpit lymph nodes. Additional features of inflammatory breast cancer include the following. Stage given by histopathologic examination of a surgical specimen.

An introduction to breast pathology is in the breast pathology article. Stage determined at autopsy. In other words the individual had neoadjuvant therapy.

Stage assessed after chemotherapy andor radiation therapy. Or the tumor is larger than 5 centimeters and not spread outside the breast. Your scans and tests give some information about the stage of your cancer.

These breast cancers are larger than stage I cancers andor have spread to a few nearby lymph nodes. Doctors may also use a number staging system. WCCRUK This article deals with breast cancer staging.

These breast cancers are still relatively small and either have not spread to the lymph nodes or have only a tiny area of cancer spread in the sentinel lymph node the first lymph node to which cancer is likely to spread. A painless lump in the breast near the collarbone or under the arm however not all lumps are cancerous some are benign Nipple tenderness or changes in the shape of the nipple such as an inverted nipple. An introduction to cancer staging is in the cancer staging article.

Diagram 1 of 2 showing stage 2A breast cancer CRUK 003-itsvg 369 259. Breast Cancer Staging System. Stage I The tumor is localized to the breast and is less than 2 cm in diameter.

Breast cancer stage ranges from Stage 0 pre-invasive disease to Stage IV metastatic disease. Once breast cancer is diagnosed tests are performed to determine the cancer stage which will influence which type of treatment patients receive. Jump to navigation Jump to search.

Diagram showing stage T3 breast cancer CRUK 259-arpng 375 331. Stage is a prognostic factor and in broad generalization low stage cancers Stages 0-II tend to have better long term outcome than high stage cancers Stages III-IV. At diagnosis inflammatory breast cancer is either stage III or IV disease depending on whether cancer cells have spread only to nearby lymph nodes or to other tissues as well.

It may be up to 5 cm in diameter. The vital symptoms of breast cancer include. The breast cancer TNM staging system is the most common way that doctors stage breast cancer.

Stage III The tumor is greater than 5 cm in diameter and has spread to local areas surrounding the breast. Stage I- ICH early-stage breast cancer at an early stage where the tumor is less than 2 cm and has not spread beyond the breast. But your doctor might not be able to tell you the exact stage until you have surgery.

The TNM cancer staging system used by the American Joint Commission on Cancer AJCC is widely accepted and has used a combination of T- tumor size and features N- lymph. Or the tumor is between 2 and5 cm with or without spread to the lymph nodes under the arm.

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