Chronic Kidney Disease Stage Calculator

Stage 2 G2 a slightly reduced eGFR of 60 to 89mlmin with other signs of kidney damage. The Kidney Disease Solution is an all-in-one three-phase program designed to help people reverse kidney damage and enhance their kidney function while soothing the pain from the symptoms.

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Mildly reduced kidney function AND you are already known to have some kidney damage or disease.

Chronic kidney disease stage calculator. Chronic Kidney Disease Stages A GFR above 60 mLmin173m 2 is usually adequate for most patients and alone is not necessarily indicative of a patient having chronic kidney disease CKD. Determining the cause of CKD distinguishes whether the patient has a systemic condition or a localized condition in the kidney such as glomerular disease because this functionality affects management. Albumin is a protein found in your blood.

Min the minimum of Scrκ or 1. This chronic kidney disease calculator follows the CKD- EPI formula to compute the GFR value and indicate the condition of the kidneys based on serum creatinine. Using our GFR calculator you can find out your estimated GFR and determine which stage of chronic kidney disease CKD you may be in.

The chronic impairment of the kidneys has been defined as stages of CKD based on the glomerular filtration rate GFR which is usually determined as eGFR an estimation of the GFR calculated from laboratory parameters. Your GFR tells your doctor your stage of kidney disease and helps the doctor plan your treatment. Knowing your glomerular filtration rate GFR will help you understand how well your kidneys are functioning.

Whats The Kidney Disease Solution. α -0329 if female. This calculator includes inputs based on race which may or may not provide better estimates so we have decided to make race optional.

κ 09 if male. What are the Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease. Stage 1 G1 a normal eGFR above 90mlmin but other tests have detected signs of kidney damage.

Stage 4 G4 an eGFR of 15 to 29mlmin. Kidney Failure Risk Calculator. Crcl Calculator For Chronic Kidney Disease.

Use this GFR Calculator tool to help you determine which stage of kidney disease you are in currently. Your kidneys remove creatinine from your blood. You can read more on this formula and its application below the form.

The glomerulus is a functional unit of the kidney responsible for the filtration process from blood into urine. 1 If however there has been a significant decline of GFR since a previous test this could be an early indicator of kidney disease. Your doctor can calculate it from the results of your blood creatinine test your age body size and gender.

Chronic Kidney Disease CKD is when you have a loss of kidney function or kidney damage for three months or more. If your GFR number is low your kidneys are not working as well as they should. My Healthy Kidney specializes in Renal Nutrition assistance but the information can be used by all users.

Moderately reduced kidney function. Cause of CKD is classified based on presence or absence of systemic disease and the location within the kidney of observed or presumed pathologic-anatomic findings on kidney biopsy or imaging. What Your GFR Result Means Completely healthy kidney function is measured at a glomerular filtration rate GFR of around 100 which means that the kidneys are working at 100 percent.

When you visit your doctor for a check up and have urine and blood tests done the test results will let your doctor know how your kidneys are doing. The earlier kidney disease is detected the better the chance of slowing or stopping its progression. If you are at risk for kidney disease your provider may check your urine for albumin.

Determine Your CKD Stage With Our GFR Calculator. See here for more on our approach to addressing race and bias on MDCalc. Urine Test for Albumin.

Chronic Kidney Disease Calculator. Stage 3a G3a an eGFR of 45 to 59mlmin. Stage 3b G3b an eGFR of 30 to 44mlmin.

GFR 141 x min Scrκ1 α x max Scrκ1 -1209 x 0993 Age x 1018 if female x 1159 if black κ 07 if female. For the same creatinine value this calculator estimates a higher GFR for Black patients. Using the USDAs Food Nutrition database and our Chronic Kidney Disease Nutrient Calculator you can search for healthy foods and get precise diet recommendations based on your personal daily allowances.

People with an eGFR of 60-89 without any known kidney damage or disease are not considered to have chronic kidney disease CKD. α -0411 if male. Program is based on the following.

For patients with chronic kidney disease ie those with estimated glomerular filtration rate eGFR less than 60 mLmin173m 2 this calculator returns an estimated probability of developing kidney failure in the next two or five years expressed as a percentage or a range of percentages from 0 to 100. The amount of damage to your kidneys is categorized by five stages. Use the Kidney Failure Risk Equation to determine 2 and 5 year probability of treated kidney failure dialysis or transplantation for a patient with CKD stage 3 to 5.

As kidney disease gets worse the level of creatinine goes up. With or without a known kidney disease. Providers use the amount of creatinine in your blood to estimate your GFR.

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