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Begin at Level 1 Stage 1–track your progress and move through the levels as you finish each stage. Most dance pads are divided into a 33 matrix of square panels for the player to stand on with some or all of the panels corresponding to directions or actions within the game.

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Stage 8 enlightens the kid on how to type letters b and n.

Dance pad typing. After learned the t and y keys of the Dance Mat Typing game in stage 4 the left-hand pointer finger operates the t key and the right-hand pointer finger operates the Y key. Dance Mat Typing Level 1. At this level you will learn to type six new keys below the home row line including V m b n c and comma.

Dance Mat Typing is structured as a series of four levels with three stages for each level you can find them in the menu above. In Level 3 Stage 8 of the BBC Dance Mat Typing series you will learn to type keys that lie below the home row including letters b and n. December 11 2016 September 12 2020 admin Dance Mat Typing Dance Mat Typing Level 4.

44 stars out of 5 6868 plays 40 votes kidzsearch all sites. Bbc dance mat typing download Click here to download Bbc dance mat typing. This learning class is fundamental for typing.

July 4 2018 September 12 2020 admin Dance Mat Typing Level 3. We provide friendly menus or lists and other cool stuff to make it easier for you and your kids to use Dance Mat Typing to effectively learn how to type. There is a warm-up at the beginning of each stage and then there is the hand exercise for both the left and right hands.

It is interactive fun free and easy-to-use for kids. Dance Mat Typing Level 4 Stage 12. The pointer finger on the left hand will type letters b and other letters such as f g t r v and b which are.

Dance Mat Typing Stage 8. Dance Mat Typing Level 3. Level 1 Stage 3 keys R and U Level 2 Stage 4 keys T and Y Level 2 Stage 5 keys W and O Level 2 Stage 6 keys Q and P Level 3 Stage 7 keys V and M Level 3 Stage 8 keys B and N Level 3 Stage 9 keys C and Common Level 3 Stage 10 keys X and Z Level 3 Stage 11 keys and.

Hi from kids to All are welcome to Dance Mat Typing Learn touch typing with fun and Enjoy. There is a boundary line between g and h which separates the home row into two parts. So your left-hand pointer finger is used to press f g r and t keys.

Dance Mat Typing Level 2 Stage 5 In Level 2 Stage 4 of the BBC Dance Mat Typing series you will learn to type keys that lie above the home row including letters t and y. Some dance pads also have extra buttons outside the main stepping area such as Start and Select. People of all ages and occupations should practice correct typing skills especially for kids who should benefit from playing keyboard games.

C Play level 3 and click on the. Guided by an Angel educator kids work through 12 stages in total improving their words per minute dexterity and typing confidence all against the backdrop of an exciting learning environment. A dance pad also known as a dance mat or dance platform is a flat electronic game controller used for input in dance games.

It has different levels and different stages. Now he uses his right pointer finger to type letter n and other letters being controlled by that same finger such as j h u y m and n. Dance Mat Typing – Keyboarding Practice.

In the learning process an unforgettable cast of characters will give students both coaching and kudos. Image resu for all you need to know about bbc dance mat typing games for kids. Dance Mat Typing is an interactive typing game that lets you easily show you how to type and touch.

After learning this a comprehensive exercise comes. The system is complete with animated animal characters graphics and sounds. Similarly your right-hand pointer finger is used to press j h u and y keys.

In this level you will learn to type six new keys that lie below the home row including letters v m b n c and the comma. Remember to move your index finger to type on g and h. Pairs of dance pads often are joined side by side for certain gameplay modes.

You learned basic from here it will never forget and useful for your future let. At the bottom of the home row there are six keys to read. 4 stars out of 5 8493 plays 36 votes.

Dance Mat Typing Level 3 study the six keys below the home row. Dance Mat Typing by the BBC is a good choice. The g part is controlled by your left hand The h part is the territory of your right hand.

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