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LATEST NEWS 15 January 2015. The boxed set will be shipped to you immediately on its release we hope in time for Christmas.

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Witty wild wonderful and thoroughly entertaining.

Peth's staging post. MORE NY REVIEWS. You realize when you first enter the theater that something unique is being staged. PETHS STAGING POST.

Sayers Mysteries starring Edward as Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Walter as Harriet Vane are currently being repeated on. Kennedys documentary Art and Madness to which Edward contributed. AN ALLEGORY OF ACQUAINTANCE.

Today marks the National Theatres golden anniversary and the official publication of Edwards NT 50 special edition ofSlim Chances complete with bonus CD. I have a longish letter David wrote to me ten years ago. It was built around 1886 for the monumental mason John Cramb and is described in a book on Victorian and Edwardian cemeteries as a three-story advertisement decorated in an eclectic style that combines Byzantine and Egyptian with an exuberant disregard for historical proprieties.

The set is tilted a sign that My Perfect Mind has a real zany side. Petherbridge lean of limb and blessed with a speaking voice that ranges over countless octaves has a supremely light touch muttering his wisecracks as if apologizing for their caustic content corralling the most oddball comment until it gets the laugh it deserves. What I remember about the act in Nottingham was that the team of men who only appeared in the slosh sequence were in boiler suits and came on very brisk and business-like and laid a tarpaulin on the stage floor then with ladders and copious amounts of paint which I imagine was a special water soluble concoction whipped up into a gooey foam-like consistency set about decorating the set.

He was very convincing in the part and no doubt on the night he wrote to me he seemed to be addressing a. The programme runs for forty-five minutes and questions the clichéd link between madness and creativity. The CD features a feast of extras and surprises.

WIMSEY RETURNS TO UK TV Good news for Wimsey fans in the UK. The special-edition 4-CD boxed set of Slim Chances with Additions and Afterthoughts is now available to pre-order on Peths Staging Post. At 745 this Sunday evening UK time on Radio 3 you can hear AL.

Yet this is a comedy with serious undertones. From that date the blog will feature as an integral part of the new site so be sure to sign up to receive email alerts and stay tuned for the first post from Sussex. The new site will be up and running soon and the launch date will be announced here.

Petherbridge and Hunter master their roles. The stage is being prepared for the technical rehearsals and there is nowhere for the actors to be except that John Caird who is directing the revival suggests that we should do a last rehearsal on our own – without him or stage management or beds in the nursery Tinkerbells firefly a crocodile skin or even the most basic props of rehearsal simply under the stare of the fluorescent lighting in the bare. The Blog Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted and human love will be seen at its height E.

He even does on-stage paintings of Lear and his daughters that are part Jackson Pollock part Rolf Harris. Petherbridge now 76 and fully recovered revisits his childhood in Bradford and delivers entertaining theatrical anecdotes about his time at Oliviers National Theatre. Peths Staging Post.

Even the stage design is tilted at a crazy angle. Visit the Merchandise page and pre-order a copy at the click of a button with PayPal. But perhaps the last spoken words should be the Bards.

Edwards official website Peths Staging Post is currently undergoing a major renovation. Staring at the perilously slanted stage he says We were. It was written on stage at Wyndhams Theatre during a performance of Michael Frayns Democracy when David had a long period as one of several politicians sitting upstage and working at a desk as I remember.

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